9400 Atlantic Ave. No. 300, Kamens Ira L to Rosenthal Brett S, Rosenthal Mara N; 8/20/2012. $180,000

406 N. Kenyon Ave., Schwartz Leah to Hetrick Robert P, Hetrick Candance; 8/21/2012. $395,000

Latest Video

9500 Amherst Ave. Unit B9, Jeng Susan, Hsu Tony Chun Ning to Ditonno John C, Rago Lauren; 8/23/2012. $94,000

106 N Madison Ave. Unit E, Schneck Donald, Russell Schneck Nancy M to Delson Gary W, Delson Sharon S; 8/23/2012. $475,000

211 N. Kenyon Ave., Ridolfi Jules, Ridolfi Julius A to Sunny Gladstone Assoc LLC; 8/24/2012. $327,500

15 N. Clarendon Ave., Piraino Builders LLC, Piraino Anthony to Winneker Marcie, Winneker Richard; 8/24/2012. $825,000


416 N. Harvard Ave., Sarnese Jan R, Sarnese Joseph A to Bitman Lee, Bitman Maria; 8/21/2012. $647,000

236 N. Derby Ave. Unit 1104, Romisher David, Romisher Janet to Oppenheim David M, Smith Barbara H; 8/21/2012. $275,000

608 N. Dudley Ave., Burnside Mary T, Burnside Hugh W to Egrie Jonathan, Egrie Lisa; 8/22/2012. $199,000

7302 Atlantic Ave., Lincow Barbara to Austin Scott, Austin Caroline M, Austin Shawn Joseph, Benezra Austin Jennifer; 8/23/2012. $999,000

311 Canterbury Court, Weizer Frank to Fera Michael, Fera Karen M; 8/23/2012. $209,000


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