12 N. Madison Ave., Orloff, Howard to Hoffman, Richard, Hoffman, Tasha; 6/24/2013. $299,000

17 N. Kenyon Ave., Linzner, Robert R., Ratner, Herman to Sacks, David; 6/25/2013. $353,000

Latest Video

9517 Atlantic Ave. Unit A-7, Rapone, Thomas C., Phillip T. Rapone and Rena Rapone Trust, Rapone, Rena to Brooks, Richard M., Brooks, Ida A.; 6/25/2013. $90,000

8098 Fulton Ave., Davis, Sylvia, Davis, Eddie, Davis, Dolly to Anderson, Tarik J.; 6/26/2013. $245,000

9400 Atlantic Ave. Unit 214, Hare, Lois S., Hare, Michael B. to Silverstein, Eric J.; 6/26/2013. $201,000

10 N. Huntington Ave., J & D Building LLC, Linsk, Alex, Linsk, Tetje to Haverson, Marc J., Haverson, Marilyn; 6/27/2013. $475,000

616 N. Douglas Ave., Feldman, Marc L., Feldman, Gloria to Verna, Kendall, Verna, Frederick; 6/28/2013. $250,000

7 N. Adams Ave. Unit B, Evansgrove NJ LLC, Sellecchia, Antonio M., Dicicco, Emilio J. to Rosen, Scot Jason, Rosen, Jodi; 6/28/2013. $590,000


5200 Boardwalk Unit 10F, Leibowitz, Alvin, Leibowitz, Bernice to Tuzman, Martin, Tuzman, Eileen Heisman; 6/24/2013. $365,000

222 N. Suffolk Ave., Ocwen Loan Serv. LLC, Deutsche Bank, Soundview Home Loan Trust to Argus, Lester M.; 6/24/2013. $74,299

8 N. Dudley Ave., Scarpato, Raymond A., Iuvara, Michelle L., Scarpato, Michelle to Serviolo, Jayne; 6/25/2013. $210,000

817 N. Little Rock Ave., Barker, Jennifer H., Atkinson, Frances G. to Abramson, Lauren; 6/26/2013. $327,500

4811 Ventnor Ave., Resort Sai Motel LLC, Khatiwala, Pravin R., Khatiwala, Jaybala P. to Pillay, Supriya K.; 6/27/2013. $164,493

111 S. Buffalo Ave. Unit 406, Santivasi, Vincent L., Santivasi, Sherree to Roman, Robert; 6/28/2013. $239,500

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