6 South Pelham Ave., Bailey Edward W to Ciferni Amedeo, Ciferni Maria; 12/7/2012. $950,000


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9600 Atlantic Ave. Unit 802, Wasser Robin to Kilimnik Arthur, Kilimnik Ann; 12/3/2012. $376,000

9600 Atlantic Ave. No. 619, Laserow Irving, Laserow Arlene to 9600 Atlantic Avenue Unit 619 LLC; 12/3/2012. $302,500

6 N. Clarendon Ave., Rago Gina, Rago Mark to Sacharow Leslie, Sacharow Steven; 12/3/2012. $604,000

9600 Atlantic Ave. Unit No. 1019, Ketterer Robert M, Ketterer Joanna K to Scheule Justen H; 12/6/2012. $295,000

9400 Atlantic Ave. No. 1008, Vorndran Jules to Boyce Robert J; 12/6/2012. $160,000

9510 Amherst Ave. Unit 144, 144 Mariner LLC, Silberman Jeffrey to Casey Donna Theresa; 12/7/2012. $160,000

9503 Monmouth Ave., Sweeney James, Sweeney Martha to J&D Building and Dev LLC; 12/7/2012. $410,000


810 N. Cornwall Ave., Burke Thomas F to Stackhouse John D, Stackhouse Jessica L; 12/6/2012. $235,000

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