Rand Snyderman is a film director by trade; photography was always an avocation. Recently, Snyderman, of Ventnor, has decided to "wind down" from his film career and transition more into focusing on photography - a hobby that he has enjoyed privately through many trips and travels.

His transition began with his first ever show, and the Holtzman gallery's second solo show, at the Holtzman Gallery in Ventnor, on March 5.

David Holtzman, the gallery owner, said he never before wanted to show photography in his gallery. But in his quest to find a particularly shaped image, he decided to give Snyderman's photography a chance.

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"I needed a very long horizontal image, and I saw one that he had done, and it looked like a painting to me," Holtzman said. "And I said, 'Let me try to hang this.'"

That his images look like paintings to Holtzman is a compliment to Snyderman. He said he takes the post-production process of editing his photographs as seriously as capturing the images.

"I put as much attention to post-production and presentation as I do to taking a photograph," Snyderman said.

In order to show at Holtzman's gallery, Snyderman had to narrow down his catalogue of 800 photos to 34 images.

"Every image up on the walls, I can distinctly remember taking that photo," Snyderman said. "Every photo I have is special to me, so it was difficult to hone it down."

The photos displayed in Snyderman's exhibit diverse continents, cultures and subjects. There are photos from India, Ventnor, Atlantic City, New Orleans, Chatsworth, Pa., Los Angeles, South Beach in Miami, Fla., Salt Lake City, Boulder, Colo., and Israel, where Snyderman lived for 20 years.

Holtzman said Snyderman's style of photography ranges from color graphic-like images, to expressionistic, to coloristic and monotone forms.

"I have some (photos of) animals like a camel and a monkey, I have all these wild looking woman's shoes, and amazing shots of the Ventnor fishing pier," Holtzman said of Snyderman's collection.

The photographer and gallery owner met about three months ago, Snyderman said. Holtzman decided to give photography a shot in his gallery, and the two have arranged a unique way of displaying the photos.

Many of the photos are mounted on a Plexiglas, metal and wooden forms that push the image off the wall. Holtzman called the display "unique."

"We have amazing harmony, he and I," Holtzman said.

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