MAYS LANDING — An Atlantic County grand jury has indicted a Cumberland County man on 16 charges in the Aug. 3 rape and robbery of an elderly Somers Point woman.

Marvin Sherwood, 28, of Finimore Street in Vineland, was indicted late Tuesday on 16 charges that collectively carry 160 years in state prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines if he is convicted on them all.

He was indicted on four separate first-degree charges, including robbery and three aggravated sexual assault charges, and five second-degree charges that include two burglary counts and three attempted sexual assault counts.

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The woman, identified only as “L. L.” in documents, was asleep in her bed on a hot August night.

Police said Sherwood crawled in an open window at about 1:30 a.m.

L.L. heard something fall, got up to investigate the noise and met Sherwood inside her home, police said.

Sherwood is accused of beating and raping her, then filling a trash bag with personal items in order to derail an investigation before fleeing her home. Armed with a knife, police said, Sherwood threatened to kill L.L. if she talked with authorities.

Police were alerted at 5:30 a.m. after someone called for her. She was later treated at Shore Memorial Hospital.

Sherwood has been in and out of prison for other burglaries and robberies, records show.

He was arrested at 18 in February 2002 in connection with a three Millville burglaries, and police later charged him in connection with several robberies and burglaries.

He was sentenced on two counts of burglary and one count of robbery by force or with bodily injury in December 2002, state Department of Corrections records show. While he was released from prison in February 2007, DOC records show he was back in custody six months later on Atlantic County robbery charges.

Released April 2008, he was back in custody in November 2008. He had been released in April 2010, and at the time of his arrest in August, he was back in Cumberland County Jail on unrelated burglary charges.

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