Ivan Gomez, of Somers Point, is a trainer for Snap Fitness in Somers Point and Marmora.

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Name: Ivan Gomez, of Somers Point

Education: Certifications in personal training, senior fitness, and as a national and international instructor.

Family: Divorced, with two children

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Company: Snap Fitness, of Somers Point

Position: Trainer

Phone: 609-665-0767

Snap Fitness is a different kind of gym. We mainly have middle-aged people and everybody who goes there goes to train.

I’ve worked in many gyms, starting with one in Ventnor 15 years ago, then another in English Creek and also in Absecon and at the former Mainland Fitness in Linwood.

People come here to train, not to socialize or show their muscles. The people here are very dedicated. Everybody greets you and then goes to do what they’re doing.

The owners talk to the members and are very helpful. Everybody’s very friendly and like a big family.

When owners Rick and Lorana Lawson started, they didn’t know the business. Now, he’s learned everything, and he listens and communicates well.

Snap Fitness has machines and free weights. I introduced kettle bells seven years ago, and I also introduced ropes.

We have nine Cybex Arc machines, an alternate trainer, as well as two elliptical machines, 10 treadmills and bicycles. We don’t have classes because there is no room for it.

The gym is very clean. They clean it in the morning and in the afternoon. Everyone has to clean the equipment before and after use, so the focus is on cleanliness. They get upset if they ever see someone leave a machine with sweat on it.

I do free weights and conditioning, kickboxing, kettle bells and something called underground training with sandbags and ropes.

I also do strengthening and mix a little bit with mixed martial arts.

Entry: I’ve been doing this for more than 25 years. I started in South America. I was part of the national Tae Kwan Do team and represented them around the world in many tournaments.

In 1990 after a tournament in Montreal, I stayed in the U.S., first on a sports visa and now on a work visa.

I joined a school in New York and competed around the country. As I got older, I got tired of competing, so I started training people.

About me: I like photography and have a separate website for that with pictures of people, landscapes, animals, everything.

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