At Dwell: An Artist Space in Northfield, co-owners Ray Nunzie and Amy Sullivan think it's important that each person who walks through the door channel their own creativity.

That's why at their biweekly Brushes and Bottles events on Friday nights, the duo encourages attendees to paint what they want.

"Our way of doing it is that (attendees) can paint their own picture - we don't all do the same thing," Sullivan said. "What happens is they walk out with these awesome paintings and they feel so great about what it is they were able to reproduce. Then we see them buying their own materials and coming back saying, 'Look what I've done since.'"

Dwell hosts "Brushes and Bottles" every second and fourth Friday of each month. The events are a free-for-all acrylic painting session with the opportunity to bring an adult beverage.

"People bring alcohol. They bring wine, beer, we've had vodka," Sullivan laughed.

At the Brushes and Bottles event on March 14, Dwell's studio space was packed. Most people came with a group of friends, and everyone worked on their own individual projects. Sullivan and Nunzie are available for artistic reference if needed.

Cheryl McBride, of Margate, said she heard about Dwell's Bottles and Brushes event through taking yoga classes at Grace and Glory Yoga across the hall. Amy Jordan, of Egg Harbor Township, said she met Sullivan because she works at the where salon Sullivan goes.

Sullivan and Nunzie originally did not want to host parties at Dwell, because they weren't sure how the events would be received without formal instruction. But the duo oversold the first event, and now needs to host two Brushes and Bottles events a month to fulfill the demand.

Anyone attending the event needs a concept or picture of something they would like to paint, as well as a bottle of their favorite adult beverage. Dwell provides canvases, paints, brushes and painting assistance.

The event allows guests have a "quirky Friday night out and a painting to show for it."

Dwell also hosts classes, workshops, and community events. On March 22, the studio is taking part in a Marketplace in their building at 1600, New Road, Northfield, where a diverse blend of crafters will have their wares for sale from noon to 5 p.m.

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Bottles and Brushes


Dwell: An Artist Space, 1600 New Road, Northfield, Unit 1D


7-9 p.m. every third and fourth Friday of the month

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Bring your favorite adult beverage and a concept of a painting.

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