On Jan. 22, Northfield City Council announced that Northfield All Sports, the one-time management system of the city's recreation sports, has resigned, said council President Lisa Brown.

The Family Association of Northfield, or FAN, in conjunction with the Northfield Little League, has recently taken full responsibility for the program, she said.

"FAN was interested in starting a new program that would allow the families with kids that now participate in the program to play a greater role in the organization and operation of the program," Brown said. "Northfield All Sports was gracious enough to allow this natural evolution to occur."

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FAN will oversee football, cheerleading, basketball and Babe Ruth Baseball, but the Little League will continue to operate as a separate entity.

Brown hopes for an increased involvement of parents and their children and that the program will depend less on funding from the city. The city's budget for the 2012 year allotted about $12,500 to NAS and $2,500 to its Little League, she said.

"I am hopeful, somewhere down the road, (that) the program will be able to reduce some of the funding it needs from the city through fundraising in the private sector," she said. "As it always has in the past, (the city) will make sure the programs have what they need to allow the children of Northfield the best possible experience in the sports they choose."

Brown recognizes the board members of FAN as committed to the program, the players and the families that participate.

"I am excited about the program and wish them much success," she said.

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