Latz's by the Bay, in Somers Point, is a sun-colored tearoom that faces the bay, one block away. On a foggy day, Adrienne and Andrew Latz, owners of the establishment, hosted "The Heart of a Woman," in honor of Heart Healthy month.

"We're serving lemon souffle (tea), because it's actually very good for your heart," Adrienne Latz said.

The room was filled with ladies of all ages dressed in red and drinking lemon souffle tea.

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Carolyn Peterson, with Compassionate Care Hospice, hosted the event. Diana Reid, a nurse practitioner with Compassionate Care, gave a presentation about the dangers of heart disease, especially in women.

Reid talked about the diagnosis, treatment, risk factor and lifestyle changes for disease reduction.

"The No. 1 one killer of women is heart disease, and that (statistic) hasn't changed in 15 years," Reid said. "We are still dying of heart disease - there is no cure, only treatment."

Following Reid's presentation, Lisa Milhouse shared her story about her journey with the silent killer.

Milhouse had two open heart surgeries, one at age 8 and one at age 48. She spoke about her experience with congenital heart disease, which means she has had heart problems since birth.

"I survived and now I'm fearless," Milhouse said. "Before I used to get nervous about every (ache or pain), but not anymore."

Norma Johnson, Peterson's mother, also spoke to the crowd about living with heart disease. She received a diagnosis 21 years ago and had double bypass surgery, and now follows the doctors orders very strictly.

Adrienne Latz said the pair try to host regular events that correspond with different themed months. In October, the Latzes raised money with a similar high-tea event for the New Jersey Cancer Fund with a "Breast Cancer Awareness Tea."

"We've hosted teas for breast cancer awareness, halfway houses, boys and girls clubs, but this is our first time hosting a 'heart healthy' tea," Latz said.

The Latzes donated $10 from every ticket purchased to the American Heart Association, and the downstairs tearoom was packed.

"Every month we want to try to do something," Latz said.

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