The Macphersons were in the right place at the right time. Their passion for coffee became more than a hobby when the couple met Lorey and Gerry Bird on the Internet.

"They were looking for a coffee-type place to go in the space, and they were willing to invest in it," Jeff Macpherson, 29, said of the owners of the shop space on New Road in Northfield.

The newly renovated urban building with an industrial feel used to be a warehouse. It is now is home to Bloom Coffee and Tea, of which Jeff and his wife Ashley, 25, are the operating partners.

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"I had pages written on what I wanted to do forever," Ashley said about the duo's idea of owning a coffee shop. "Timing just kind of worked out."

Jeff started self-roasting coffee beans at the couple's home in Linwood as a hobby about two years ago.

"I'm the type of person who, if I like something, I get really into it," Jeff said.

The couple wanted their shop to focus on specialty and unique products, and they didn't want a "mass produced feel."

"We wanted this to be local," Jeff said. "We work with a local roaster, and we have really unique blends to us. We bake as many items as we can here."

All the muffins, danishes, and cookies, as well as a line of pre-made wraps, are made in-house.

The duo said that, with their roaster located in Millville, they try to do everything locally and as hands-on as possible, including using local sugar and tamping their own espresso. Tamping is the process of adding the necessary pressure to coffee grounds before brewing. Some coffee houses use machines that do this automatically.

Every day, Bloom brews five drip coffees: a golden blend, which is a lighter roasted blend of Indonesian beans; a house blend, which is a blend of Indonesian, African and South American beans; the dark roast, which is a blend of Indonesian beans that is roasted darker; a decaf version of the house blend; and a flavored coffee. The flavors of that coffee rotate. Right now, they are banana nut and vanilla.

Also popular has been the iced coffee, which Jeff said is cold brewed.

"The cold brew iced coffee method extracts flavors with time rather than heat, so it's not acidic or bitter," he said.

On Sept. 2, Bloom debuted its fall menu. The Macphersons said that some unique drinks, such as a salted caramel con panna, which is an espresso drink that is topped with whipped cream, and some drinks that are popular for fall, such as a pumpkin spice latte and a cinnamon maple cappuccino, are new for the season.

Along with coffee, pastries and wraps, Bloom Coffee and Tea offers a variety of lemonade, including lavender lemonade, which has been popular.

"We're thinking about extending hours," Ashley said. "Maybe we'll start doing music and events in the evening."

Bloom Coffee and Tea is located at 1600 New Road in Northfield and can be found on Facebook.

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