Blakes Gymnastics of Northfield competed Jan. 17-18 at Star Struck in Atlantic City, an event that drew about 2, 500 competitors. Results included:

USAIGC Bronze Division:

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Brooke Imperial, 8, of Margate, sixth place bars, seventh place beam

USAIGC Copper Division:

Dani Salani, 7, of Northfield, ninth place vault, eighth place bars, eighth place beam, ninth place floor, eighth place all-around

USAIGC Silver Division:

Brooke Wallace, 14, of Somers Point, fourth place vault,

Sophia Crozier-Carole, 12, of Northfield, fourth place vault, second place bars, third place beam, second place floor, second place all-around

USAIGC Gold Division:

Dani Wallace, 16, of Somers Point, seventh place bars, ninth place beam, fourth place floor, seventh place all-around


Blakes Gymnastics competed its first gymnastics 'Gap' Gymnastics Athletic Program on Jan. 18 at Flyers Gymnastics in Mays Landing. All participants received achievement ribbons and trophies. Team members included: Addison Pepper, 4, of Northfield,


Blakes USAIGC Copper Team competed at Flyers Gymnastics in Mays Landing on Jan. 18: Results included:

Sarah Reina, 6, of Northfield, fifth place vault, seventh place bars, fourth place beam, fourth place floor fifth place all-around,

Maddie Mick, 6, of Margate, eighth place vault, eighth place bars, seventh place all-around,

Sadie Heyman, 6, of Longport, third place bars, seventh place beam, ninth place floor sixth place all-around


Blakes Gymnastics of Northfield USAIGC Bronze Team competed Jan. 18 at Flyers Gymnastics in Mays Landing Results included:

Jade Coslop, 9, of Linwood, fifth place beam


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