John DiMaio

John DiMaio prefers to do architectural photography.

Business: John DiMaio Photography LLC

Owner: John DiMaio, 54, of Linwood  

Location: Ireland Avenue, Linwood

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Founded: 1978

Employees: Owner-operated

Phone: 609-226-3854

I mostly prefer to do architectural photography for architects, interior designers, landscape architects, kitchen and bath designers, and such. That’s always been more or less half of the business at John DiMaio Photography.

The other half is made up of conventions, corporate events, the kind of things that come through Atlantic City.

Today, for example, I’m photographing the Receptive Services Association trade show in Atlantic City. It’s fun. You get to be behind the scenes, get to be part of a lot of events.

I’ve met a lot of celebrities and politicians. I’ve photographed people from Princess Grace to Pete Rose, and over the years met Bill Clinton, Rudy Giuliani and Gov. (Chris) Christie and many others.

I like the problem-solving aspect of what I do. I like listening and understanding what people are trying to achieve and coming up with a visual solution.

I traveled a lot of years and did a lot of architectural photography for books. I have a book coming out in April on the community of Moonhole, on the island of Bequia, near St. Vincent in the Grenadines. They have freeform homes made of volcanic rock, whalebone and tropical wood. You have to hike in a half mile to get to this place and all are owned by very rich people.

Entry: I took one photography class in college and I knew a guy who did work for Atlantic City Race Course, and he got me a summer job as photographer of the track.

I thought, wow, I get paid to do this? I was hooked. I’d stand on the inside rail of the track and take photos of a dozen horses running straight toward me.

Around here, these days, it’s all about the economy. As goes Atlantic City ... a lot of us live and die by it.

The one thing I don’t do is fashion, but I do a lot of work with real people. In Atlantic City, I’ve photographed a lot of bartenders, waitresses and casino executives.

I do a certain number of weddings, but it’s generally people who find me. I actually like doing them.

Future plans: When I lived in Oregon, I had a line of wine-related items. I’d like to reintroduce that one of these days.

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