4 and 6 N 28th Ave., Kb Assets Llc, Brennan Kevin to 4&Amp;6 N 28th Ave Llc, Four &Amp; Six N 28th Ave Llc; 2/14/2014. $820,000


Latest Video

211 North Douglas Ave., Taroff HowaRoad, Taroff Ellen to Spivak Joseph, Spivak Karen; 2/11/2014. $460,000

9300 Atlantic Ave., Boushell Gary, Boushell Vicki to Zbik Albert I, Zbik Marsha A; 2/11/2014. $205,000

9411 Monmouth Ave., Hummel Marc to Githens Tammy; 2/12/2014. $45,000

9609 Ventnor Ave A1 and A2, Neumann Marc, Neumann Elyse to Soloff Adam, Soloff Heather; 2/14/2014. $240,000

Somers Point

10 Village Drive, Nickles Camille, Mcarthy Colleen, Dipilla Colleen to 10 Village Drive Llc, One O Village Drive Llc, Ten Village Drive Llc; 2/13/2014. $182,500

506 Harbour Cove, Molz Dean, Molz Michelle to Lamorte Alfonso, Saddel Diana; 2/14/2014. $400,000


2 N Wyoming Ave., Ruddy James A, Ruddy Mary E to Fanikos Michael Theodore, Fanikos Leslie Anne; 2/11/2014. $205,000

4800 Boardwalk, Stepkin Vyacheslav, Stepkin Slava to Foster Michele B; 2/11/2014. $150,000

236 N Derby Ave Unit 407, Maiorano Massimo to Friedson Harris; 2/11/2014. $81,000

3a N Surrey Ave., Jost Joy, Walters Joshua, Walters Kathleen M to Berlin Emily, Berlin Peter; 2/12/2014. $195,000

505 Vassar Square, 4800 Boardwalk, Kitei William J, Kitei Mindy to Kitei Robert A; 2/13/2014. $150,000

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