Seaview Docks, Mills William E to Bartholomew Richard; 12/26/2012. $20,600


11 Fifield Ave., Thomas George Jordan to Thomas George Jordan, Thomas Laurie J; 12/26/2012. $250,000

3 Forrest Drive, Miller John, Miller Esther, Miller Joseph to Talukder Trisha; 12/26/2012. $125,000

13 Jack Sloan Court, Morvay Barbara, Morvay Charles to Worton Kit, Worton Rose Marie; 12/27/2012. $304,000

Somers Point

210 W. New Jersey Ave., Mooney Maryanne E, Mooney Thomas J to Tregear Donna Marie; 12/24/2012. $193,000

833 Bay Ave., Gowen Joseph J, O’Reilly Kevin P to Rowe Jeanne M; 12/24/2012. $285,000

323 West Jersey Ave., Innocente Thomas, Innocente Jennifer, Ingram Jennifer to New Dennis, New Debora A; 12/26/2012. $234,000

1 & 3 E. Ocean Ave., Kuntz Michael J, Kuntz Deborah R to Gauta Walter; 12/28/2012. $290,000

706 Harbour Cove, Sky Morris Consulting Group Llc, Morris William to Reilly James; 12/28/2012. $215,000