H-10 Franklin Court, Pace, Margaret L. to Depalma, Nora; 3/10/2014. $140,000

204 Haines Ave., Ott, Diane, Redeker, Timothy J., Bruder, Grace W., Bruder, George E. to Corradetti, Kristin L., Corradetti, Linda M.; 3/10/2014. $165,000

Latest Video

550 Central Ave. Unit B1, Jackson, Richard James, Jackson, Diana Lee to Andrews, Pearl F.; 3/11/2014. $69,000

210 New Road, Shields, Thomas, Shields, Robin to Pierce Properties LLC; 3/14/2014. $110,000


9510 Amherst Ave. Unit 110, Pagano, Cathleen C. to Desipio, Robert, Desipio, Danielle; 3/10/2014. $150,000

9400 Atlantic Ave. Unit 906, Kofsky, Michael, Kofsky, Carol to Sykes, Michael, Sykes, Leslie; 3/10/2014. $117,000

9211 Atlantic Ave. Unit 102, Simon, Lisa to Almeida, Anthony, Almeida, Kathleen; 3/10/2014. $333,000

8906 Amherst Ave., Guida, Thomas, Wyckoff, Christine to Alberici, Vincent; 3/10/2014. $475,000

310 N. Mansfield Ave., Landmark Development No. 4 LLC to Bonventure, Janice, Bonventure, Michael; 3/13/2014. $701,500


206 Oxford Circle, Cooke, Bradford P., Cooke, Lauren R. to Reo, Anthony, Reo, Gloria; 3/10/2014. $156,000

109 Haviv Drive, Rizzo, Victor L., Rizzo, Cheryl A. to Saad, Adam, Willman, Kelly M.; 3/10/2014. $600,000

2 Cedar Springs Drive, Randy Homes LLC, Portnoy, Randy to Tracy, Douglas James, Tracy, Sandra Ann; 3/10/2014. $397,777

50 E. Oakcrest Ave., Dellavecchia, George E., Dellavecchia, Dawn L. to Driscoll, Brigida; 3/10/2014. $141,000

198 English Lane, Wemyss, Margaret, Mitchell, Alexandra, Hineline, Deirdre, Wemyss, John B. to Parker, Jesse, Parker, Julie; 3/11/2014. $255,000

202 English Lane, Wells Fargo Bank to Nehmad, David H., Zhang, Xiao H.; 3/14/2014. $345,000

1606 Zion Road, Sternberg, Jerome, Sternberg, Debra to Hoang, Phuong K.; 3/13/2014. $260,000

107 E. Revere Ave., US Bank, LVS Title to Cirrincione, Francesco; 3/14/2014. $90,000

Somers Point

688 W. Maryland Ave., Freddie Mac to Zhao, Yao; 3/10/2014. $73,500


7100 Balfour Ave., Campanini, Joseph A., Campanini, Margaret M. to Pearson, Kenneth, Pearson, Kathleen; 3/10/2014. $333,000

4800 Boardwalk #305, Sakim, Leah to Mosa Real Estate LLC; 3/10/2014. $160,000

16 N. Vassar Square, Grandizio, Steven, Grandizio, Beth to Cameron, James, Pantilone, Maryann; 3/13/2014. $196,000

810 N. Cornwall Ave., Stackhouse, John D., Stackhouse, Jessica L. to Sternberg, Jerome, Sternberg, Debra; 3/13/2014. $243,000

517 N. Derby Ave., Branella, John G., Kework, Virginia B., Kework, John A. to Marootian, Matthew D., Marootian, Amy P.; 3/14/2014. $128,000


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