1801 West Ave., Vasser Jeffrey S, Steedman Vasser Angela, Vasser Angela Steedman to Riis Steven J, Riis Stephanie A; 1/27/2014. $435,000

401 W Joseph Ave., Ballias Konstantinos, Ballias Sofia to Mendelsohn Armand D; 1/30/2014. $171,000


209 N 33rd Ave., Scott Thomas L, Scott Joanne F, Thomas L Scott Tr, Joanne F Scott Tr to 209 33rd Ave Llc, Two O Nine 33rd Ave Llc; 1/28/2014. $500,000

111 S 28th St., Dugan Joseph, Dugan Lorraine to Feret Diane, Randi Osbornes Qualified Personal Residence Tr; 1/30/2014. $999,999

111 S 28th St., Dugan Joseph, Dugan Lorraine to Feret Diane, Cheryl Mcmenamins Qualified Personal Residence Tr, Mcmenamin Cheryl; 1/30/2014. $999,999

111 S 28th St., Dugan Joseph, Dugan Lorraine to Feret Diane, Kimberly Mcinerneys Qualified Personal Residence Tr; 1/30/2014. $999,999


7 North Mansfield Ave., Messina Robert J, Gunter Rosemary T to Sopinsky Brian I, Sopinsky Lisette; 1/30/2014. $750,000


15 Cove Ave., Ocean City Home Bk to Bates Wesley; 1/27/2014. $85,000

1634 New Road, Northfield Real Estate Corp to L&B Realty Llc; 1/27/2014. $765,000

810 Second St., Boor Brown Barbara A, Brown Barbara A Boor, Brown Barbara to Spencer Anne Marie; 1/30/2014. $128,000

Somers Point

416 Shore Road, Karrer Robert N, Karrer Elizabeth A to Brown Gregory; 1/27/2014. $360,000


5007 Ventnor Ave., Millionaire Mom Ii Llc, Brufke Wenger Julie, Wenger Julie Brufke to Bucknam Michelle L; 1/29/2014. $85,000

6 S Baton Rouge Ave., Tinel Ulku to Parisotto Cindy; 1/30/2014. $375,000

4 N Newport Ave., Bowie Susan, Fleurov Ellen to Snyder Brian, Snyder Victoria; 1/31/2014. $112,000

209 N Washington Ave., Moore Bertha C, Greenberg Leslie, Moore Samuel to Hymson Frank, Hymson Robin; 1/31/2014. $212,000

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