503 W. Barr Ave., Chidsey, Frank A., Galasso, Gaye, Glaven, Frances, Glaven, Louis to Lucchesi Ida, C., Lucchesi, Arnold W.; 7/30/2013. $109,000

E 7 Constitution Court, Clark, Charles, Martin, Louis, Levy, Dolores to Strater, Suzanne; 7/30/2013. $110,000

Latest Video

302 W. Van Sant Ave., Risley, Arthur E., Risley, Charles, Risley, Carl to SMR Properties LLC; 7/30/2013. $400,000


415 N. Union Ave., Barton, Alan E., Shieber, Cherylann to Montemuro, Frank J., Montemuro, Paula; 7/30/2013. $667,500

9403 Ventnor Ave., Fedeli, Jean, Fedeli, Daniel, Fedeli, Richard, Fedeli, Louis to Family Bricks IV LLC; 7/31/2013. $570,000

21 S. Adams Ave. Unit 3, Cohen, Judith, Cohen, Ronald to Burroughs, Marshall S., Cajulis, Michelle C.; 7/31/2013. $500,000

8505 Monmouth Ave., Hart, Rhoda M., Hart, Herman H., Hart, Patricia Ellen to Sandberg, Rosemarie; 7/31/2013. $370,000

214 N. Rumson Ave., Delguercio, Karen M., Delguercio, Edmund T., Delguercio, Linda J., Delguercio, David to Delguercio, Edmund T., Delguercio, Linda J.; 7/31/2013. $150,000

106 N. Washington Ave., Madeja, George F., Madeja, Victoria to Romano, Peter; 7/31/2013. $170,000

9600 Atlantic Ave. Unit 813, Spivak, Arlene to Shor, Jay Elliott, Shor, Francine Shipon; 7/31/2013. $290,000

9400 Atlantic Ave. Unit 707, Shapiro, Yana, Shapiro, Felix to Terzi, Nikolay; 8/1/2013. $257,500

33 E. Drive, Smith, Marguerite L. to Jeffery A. Cohen Prop. LLC; 8/2/2013. $321,000


417 Fir Ave., Young, Thomas A., Young, Bonnie J. to Garcia, Hector, Garcia, Akiea; 7/29/2013. $265,000

541 Merita Ann Drive, Stiefbold, Robert J., Stiefbold, Joanne C. to Smith, Guy, Smith, Donna; 7/31/2013. $225,000

6 Golf View Drive, Diorio, Michael L., Diorio, Renee A. to Cook, James Martin; 8/1/2013. $418,000

Somers Point

209 W. Wilmont Ave., Fitzpatrick, R. Brian, Fitzpatrick, Caren to Raychert, Matthew M., Mandra, Stephanie M.; 8/2/2013. $264,500


4 S. Richards Ave., Ramos, Rosa to Delross, Pasquale, Delross, Pamela; 7/31/2013. $175,000

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