1711 Woodlynne Blvd., Mooney Robert J., Mooney Eleanor P. to North Sharon Ann; 11/10/2012. $254,000

230 W. Tabor Ave., Wood Kimberly A. to Bergstrom Sandra; 11/15/2012. $220,000

1204 Oak Ave., Gonzalez-Garay William, Gonzalez Sara I. to Christy Anjanette, Christy Frank V.; 11/15/2012. $190,000


5 Julie Drive, Showers Thomas L., Showers Jennifer L. to Lockhart Stuart, Lockhart Julia; 11/10/2012. $402,000

1221 First St., Dunn Linda J., Cogan John W., Cogan James D. to Ward Dena; 11/10/2012. $160,000

2510 Cedarbridge Road, Woodland D. J., Woodland Joan, Woodland Family Trust to Slotoroff Denise M.; 11/13/2012. $123,500

1238 Zion Road, Archer Josephine C., Archer William to Zhou Yi Qun, Hou Daqing; 11/14/2012. $85,000

1917 Sutton Ave., Roycroft Richard, Roycroft Maureen to Lyman Michael F., Lyman Suzanne E.; 11/15/2012. $385,000

4 Holly Drive, Marion Zachariades Rev Liv Tr, Cosmas Zachariades Rev Liv Tr, Zachariades Marion, Zachariades Cosmas to Cellucci Ashley M., Cellucci Daniel; 11/16/2012. $265,000

2 W. Yorkshire Ave., Jones Janet C., executrix for Coughlin Dorothy, to Jackson Richard J.; 11/16/2012. $137,500

Somers Point

1007 Harbour Cove, Bjorklund John W., Courter Amanda A. to Cahill Daniel M., Cahill Donna L.; 11/13/2012. $390,000

1710 Harbour Cove South, Britton Albert T., Britton Deborah L. to Dascenzo Manfred F.; 11/14/2012. $342,500

536 C. Sunrise Ave. Harbor View, Testa Alfred D., Testa Barbara C. to Stackhouse Raymond F., Stackhouse Kathleen J., Berryman Lori E.; 11/15/2012. $150,000

905 Pennsylvania Ave., Spurlock Margaret C. to Konieczka Elizabeth; 11/16/2012. $195,000

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