504 Sterling Ave., Haldeman, Harry D., Haldeman, Harry Paul, Haldeman, Paul, Haldeman, Clifford, Haldeman, Helen M. to Makowski, Jennifer L.; 5/13/2013. $215,000

305 W. Hamilton Ave., Beneficial Mortgage Co. to Simpkins, James H., Simpkins, Amanda L.; 5/14/2013. $155,000

Latest Video


3106 Cedar Bridge Road, Lippincott, Jean E., Braverman, Linda, Lippincott, Charles E. to Lang, Nicholas, Concepcion, Haydee; 5/13/2013. $140,000

914 Second St., Bates, Wesley to Broomell, Joseph A., Danchenko, Ekaterina; 5/13/2013. $150,000

326 Jackson Ave., Denan, Nelson to W. Smith Prop. LLC; 5/14/2013. $106,000

601 Roosevelt Ave., Volkmann Management LLC, Volkmann, Jeffrey Scott to Sussman, William A., Sussman, Sheryl P.; 5/17/2013. $195,000

Somers Point

96 Mays Landing Road, Stevens, Craig Andrew, Stevens, Holly M. to Perry, Marcus; 5/11/2013. $294,000

412 Ocean Heights Ave., Schallus, George, Schallus, Rita to Condron, Matthew E., Condron, Eileen H.; 5/13/2013. $15,000

206 Penny Lane, GLB Management LLC, Bird, Gerald to K And T LLC; 5/13/2013. $122,500

Cooper Road Commercial Condo Unit 2, SP 2 LLC to Charter Tech Annex LLC; 5/15/2013. $166,250

807 Bay Ave., Morris Properties Inc. to 807 Bay Ave. LLC; 5/16/2013. $205,000

152 Sunny Ave., Donato, Louis A., Donato, Helen L., Abramoff, Steven M. to Burke, Robert J.; 5/16/2013. $255,000

17 Village Drive S., Bastardi, Matthew, Bastardi, Ann Marie to Knight, Franklin B., Knight, Phyllis A.; 5/17/2013. $238,000

116 W. Maryland Ave., Spangler, Sheri to Hasheminejad, Farad, Hasheminejad, Shirin, Hasheminejad, Minoo; 5/17/2013. $106,500

631 First St., McKnight, John David to Riordan, Brian W., Riordan, Amy T.; 5/17/2013. $81,000

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