409 West Jefferson Ave., Hernandez Rodis H, Hernandez Kira A to Halpin Thomas J, Halpin Nancy L, Halpin Joseph R; 3/6/2014. $240,000


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17 N Adams Ave., Rehab Development Group Llc, Verna Paul to Alten Steven B, Alten Holly; 3/4/2014. $630,000

10 N Adams Ave., Unit 3, Perlin Robin, Perlin Kimm to Horn Nara, Horn Evan; 3/6/2014. $330,000

109 N Lancaster Ave., Salamon Bernice to Landmark Development No 4 Llc; 3/7/2014. $712,000


2029 Oak Ave., Cosenza &Amp; Sons Inc to Mussa Peter, Mussa Sheila; 3/6/2014. $180,000

408 Jackson Ave., Wojciechowski Ewa to Palmentieri Austin L, Roberts Ashley M; 3/6/2014. $154,000


210 N Harvard Ave., Starr Andrea M, Shields Andrew J, Shields Andrew P, Shields Antoinette R to Antonicello Anthony; 3/6/2014. $115,000

108 S Sacramento Ave., Carroll Moses Donna, Moses Donna Carroll, Carroll Geoffrey P, Carroll Edmund T, Carroll Geoffrey Paul, Carroll Living Tr, Carroll Edmunt T to Gold William, Gold Carole; 3/7/2014. $950,000

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