302 Central Ave., English, Kathleen, English, David H., Dwyer, Kathleen to MacLean, Amy; 1/15/2014. $212,500

570 Central Ave., Defeo, Carol, Defeo, James to Anderson, Neil, Anderson, Janice; 1/15/2014. $175,000

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23 S. 31st St., Kirby, Dean B., Belz, Donna, Agnes M. Kirby Rev Trust to Kirby, Dean B.; 1/16/2014. $605,000

2700 Atlantic Ave. 308, Heiman, William, Heiman, Ellen to Seshens, Dana M.; 1/16/2014. $375,000


9400 Atlantic Ave. Unit 410, Ulrich, Rhonda, Dohanick, Rhonda K. to Herrin, Brandy; 1/14/2014. $139,000

9600 Atlantic Ave. Unit 1009, Kleeman, Nathan, Kleeman, Marcia to Schwartz, David G., Schwartz, Joyce; 1/14/2014. $413,000

9409 Winchester Ave., Blasko, Ann to Medoff, Richard, Medoff, Geraldine D.; 1/14/2014. $590,000

100 N. Monroe Ave. Apt C, Diamore, Francis J., Diamore, Jessica P. to Cedar Townhouses of Margate Condo Assn.; 1/15/2014. $180,400

216 N. Essex Ave., Lipschutz, Joel, Spitalnick, Nancy to Baglivo, Steven; 1/16/2014. $288,000

38 N. Clarendon Ave., Designers Choice Custom Homes LLC, Irons, John to Taroff, Howard J., Taroff, Ellen; 1/16/2014. $991,000

9305 Winchester Ave., Meyers, Beverly J., Blaszko, Maryanne, Latini, Geraldine, Shodder, Claire Applegate, Meyers, Rudolph J., McManus, Anna V., Applegate, Thomas to J&D Building and Dev LLC; 1/16/2014. $350,000

202 N. Jefferson Ave., J&D Building & Dev LLC, Linsk, Alex, Linsk, Tetje to Perry, Ivan, Perry, Heather; 1/17/2014. $740,000


17 E. Ridgewood Court, Matick, Darren H., Matik, Brett H. to Arsenis, Jerry, Arsenis, Nancy; 1/10/2014. $450,000


22 N. Buffalo Ave., Brown, Michael R., Brown, Carol M. to Brown, Carol M.; 1/15/2014. $80,000

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