A shortened spring break and extended days into late June were some of the changes approved for the school calendar year at a Somers Point School District meeting Thursday night.

Spring break will now be March 29 through April 1 rather than until the end of the first week in April, said Superintendent Jeff Miller.

In addition, the last day of school will be June 19, rather than the 14th as initially planned.

The changes resulted from a delay in opening after mold was found in various areas of the school.

Miller said the school needed to make up nine days and removing the majority of spring break, along with adding Columbus Day and Election Day back to the school calendar, took care of a majority of the days.

“I think it’s unfair the kids should be penalized,” said Melissa Snowden, a parent of two in first grade and kindergarten at Dawes Avenue School.

Snowden said the summer weather prevented her from taking a family vacation and she had plans for spring break.

“They may just have to miss those days, even though it’ll count against them,” she said of her kids.

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