The long-awaited paving work on Tilton Road in Northfield will start later than expected, Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson said Monday — though he did give a completion date of within three months.

“The work on Tilton Road was necessary to resolve several complex issues,” Levinson said in a statement. “This has been a priority of my administration and I am pleased to report that the end is in sight.”

The last phase of work along the 10-mile stretch of Tilton Road that dates back to 2001, the county has already installed a $2.5 million drainage basin between Route 9 and Burton Avenue and has been working on the $1.25 million second phase of the drainage project since 2012, including the installation of a new main drainage line and other inlets and cross drains.

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Levinson said that South Jersey Gas Company and the New Jersey American Water Company needed to relocate their lines and make upgrades before any paving work was done, leading to the delay.

Work also shut down on Tilton Road for several months last year when a private contractor worked on issues resulting from Hurricane Sandy in shore areas, and asphalt paving requires warmer temperatures.

Bids for the repaving of Tilton Road from Burton Avenue to Fire Road are expected within several weeks, Levinson said, but cautioned that the bid must be approved by the Board of Chosen Freeholders and then receive final approval from the state Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Authority, which is fully funding the paving project.

“At that point we are at the mercy of the state and federal government. It could be a few weeks or longer until such time we receive their ok to proceed. One of the biggest disadvantages of funding projects with state and federal money is that they tend to take much longer to complete due to the extensive design, permitting, review and approval process,” said Levinson. “But once we start the repaving, it should be completed within three months.”

Curbing work will be done in phases during the weekday, but all paving will be done during overnight from 8 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Tilton Road will remain open with alternating lanes.

“Once it is completed, Atlantic County will have successfully repaved the entire length of Tilton Road, from Shore Road to Route 30,” Levinson said. “We appreciate the public’s cooperation and patience during the construction of these improvements that serve to enhance the safety of our residents and visitors.”


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