Local businesses are discovering that together, they are better. Their services reach larger audiences, they make more friends, and they have more fun.

Three businesses that have all been established in the past two years are partnering up to spread their message of wellness.

Bee Well Boutique and Spa, established in April 2012, Yoga Dog, established in November 2013, and Greens and Grains, established January 2014, are offering services and packages that give you a little bit of the best of each part of the trio.

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Greens and Grains, in Ventnor, aims to promote healthy cooking, eating and living through various services that start with transforming the basis of troublesome eating habits.

The new business offers cooking classes that educate participants how to eat delicious meals sans meat, catering services, custom juice cleanses, and the ability to provide these services almost anywhere in southern New Jersey.

Owner Nicole Jacoby said that her cooking parties and events are meant to educate, not just entertain.

"What's unique is that we don't just provide you with an event at the time. You gain knowledge that you carry with you for the rest of your life, that's why (Greens and Grains events) are different than a candle or purse party," Jacoby said.

The business also offers dual and tri-service events after teaming up with Bee Well Boutique and Spa and Yoga Dog.

The Greens and Grains "Rawsome Beauty" package includes a raw foods cooking demo and tasting as well as a facial treatment and mask that is made from organic, raw foods from Bee Well.

The "Retreat" package includes a yoga session, massage or facials, and a cooking demo followed by lunch or dinner.

The owner of Bee Well Boutique and Spa, Lauren Barrett, of Linwood, said that Bee Well offers similar services as Greens and Grains that benefit the body externally.

The boutique offers all natural, organic and local products.

"To me it's empowering to be able to have a platform for these local vendors," Barrett said. "We all have something different to offer. To me it's not really about the competition, it's more about the community."

Jessica Schultz, who teaches yoga at Yoga Dog in Linwood, said she helped Bee Well with events - such as a yogathon plus spa treatments - before Yoga Dog was established. Now, however, she hopes that the studio will be able to participate.

"In South Jersey our community is so small, we're not like Target or Wal-Mart fighting against each other, we work better working together," Schultz said. "It's fun, we all get together and make friends. And then when we do have big fundraisers, we can pull all of our connections together."

Schultz said that the three businesses work well with each other because they all have similar missions of wellness. Together, the team can promote wellness from the inside, out.

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