AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center

PATTON-TULLY — To Ashley Patton and Scott Tully, of Woodbine, a daughter, Jan. 31.

Shore Medical Center

SAUL — To Stacey and Douglas John Saul, of Petersburg, a son, Jan. 7.

SHULL — To Shauna and David Shull, of Ocean View, a daughter, Jan. 9.

INMAN — To Diana and Michael Inman, of Marmora, a son, Jan. 12.

MCKEIVER-ROGERS — To Tameka McKeiver and Raymond Rogers, of Ocean City, a son, Jan. 13.

FISHER — To Meaghan and Billy Fisher, of Dennisville, a daughter, Jan. 23.

HARRIS — To Bobbi Jo Harris, of Belleplain, a daughter, Jan. 25.

TOCCI — To Megan and William Tocci, of Dennisville, a son, Jan. 28.