Steve Bancheri and his wife, Mindy, know how expensive it can be to put children through youth athletics.

"Some kids have to drop out of sports because their parents can't afford to buy a brand new $85 helmet and a $80 bag, and then spend the money to join the league," Mindy said. "We're here to make it affordable for them."

Steve is the owner of a new sporting goods consignment store on Asbury Avenue in Ocean City, It's a Gimmie, which carries a wide selection of slightly used and refurnished equipment from golf clubs to softball bats, cleats, lacrosse helmets and much more. It's a Gimmie also carries a large selection of new items such as Phillies apparel, yoga clothing and equipment and golf accessories.

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"People can trade stuff in, they can barter, just sell their stuff, buy new stuff - we give them several options," she Mindy, who helps her husband to run the store.

It's a Gimmie opened a few months ago, replacing Sandra and Roy's, a women's boutique, which closed as a result of Hurricane Sandy damage. So far, the new business is doing well, Steve said.

"Our stock has been growing and people have been donating stuff, bringing stuff in for consignment, and we're buying new stuff," he said. "And if someone is looking for custom stuff, like a new set of golf clubs or a Yankees hat, we can order them that, too."

Steve said his original plan was to open a clothing consignment shop in the space, but after realizing the need for sporting goods store in the area, he decided to tailor his store to serve that niche.

"The area needed a store like this," he said. "On any given day, you might be able to find something your kid needs for sports."

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It's a Gimmie

709 Asbury Ave., Ocean City, 609-399-5600

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