The Greater Ocean City Theatre Company will cap off its 2013 Children's Summer Series with the world premier of "Uberboy: The Story of a Hero," to be performed Aug. 5 at the Ocean City Music Pier.

"This really is a world premier because it's never been done before, on any stage, anywhere," said John Bow, GOCTC's children's theater director and the scriptwriter of "Uberboy."

GOCTC's Children's Theater Music Director Andrew Hink,of Ocean City, is the composer of "Uberboy."

This is the second summer GOCTC has hosted a children's series with performances geared to a young audience.

"Uberboy" is the last performance for this summer, and it is the first original production collaboration between Bow and Hink. Most of the children series' shows have been adaptations of well-known fairytales, they said.

The directors came up with the concept for "Uberboy" last summer while working together, and they spent the winter sending pages of script and songs back and forth to one another for review.

Their goal was to create a show for a male cast and audience.

"In the world of Broadway, there's often a lot of female shows, and we thought, 'We have to get some more shows for guys,'" Hink said.

"(Uberboy) is about this little fella named Bobby Roberts whose goal is to be a hero," Bow said.

The setting and plot is 1959, which was a point of unease in American history.

"People were afraid about a lot of things at this time, the Cold War is going on, Russian espionage, air raids, bandits, alien invasions and what have you," Bow said. "Bobby Roberts is sick and tired of that and wants to do something good. So in school they're talking about what they want to be when they grow up, and some kids want to be doctors, others lawyers.

"Well, Bobby wants to be a superhero."

Bobby spends the rest of the performance proving to all of the naysayers that he has what it takes to fit the role.

"He makes himself a little uniform, he comes up with a sidekick, he gets himself a cute girlfriend and all the things you might expect a superhero to do," Bow said.

The music for the show is " very '50s sounding." Hink said, "A little like 'Grease,' a little like 'Little Shop of Horrors,' it's high energy and a lot of fun."

The final song in the performance is called "Face Your Fear," and it drives home the main message of "Uberboy" - "There's no point in fretting or hiding if you have something you're afraid of," Bow said, "It's better to face up to it, talk about it and deal with it."

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What: "Uberboy: The Story of a Hero" hosted by the Greater Ocean City Theatre Company as part of its 2013 Summer Children's Series.

When: 10:30 a.m., Monday, Aug. 5

Where: Ocean City Music Pier, Boardwalk and Moorlyn Terrace, Ocean City

Cost: $10.

Learn more: For more information and to purchase tickets, call 609-525-9248 or visit