Business: Ocean View Car Wash

Location: 2518 Route 9, Ocean View, in Dennis Township

Owner: Christopher Glancey, 39, and Joseph Ragusa, both of Sea Isle City

Employees: 2

Phone: 609-624-0046

Ocean View Car Wash has a five-bay car wash, with three enclosed self-serve bays, one oversized exterior wash bay, and one touchless auto wash you just drive through and the high-pressure wash cleans the car for you.

We have attendants here from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week, but the wash is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including the auto wash.

The attendants can do your tires before you go into the auto wash, apply a spray to remove bugs before you go in, and they can dry the car when you come out.

For the auto wash, you just drive up, put your money in, select the wash features you want, and drive through.

There are three different washes: basic, premium and ultimate, priced at $8, $10 and $12. The ultimate provides two washes and a protectorant.

The brushless wash features the Rainmaker, made by a company called HydroSpray out of Pennsylvania. The Rainmaker uses sensors to measure the vehicle and place the rotating wands as close to the vehicle as possible to ensure the best quality wash.  

Our self-service outsized bay is at the end of the building, on an open wall, so you can just drive an oversized vehicle up to it. The spray and the brush are on a double arm with an elbow so it will swing out to the other side of the largest vehicle.

We have a lot of campgrounds here in Ocean View, so this lets campers wash their recreation vehicles and trailers. It works well for oversized boats and anything else that won’t fit into a regular-sized bay.

We have a 100 percent water recycling system. It’s very green, saving on the water pumped out of the ground and making sure nothing is pumped back into the environment.

Entry: This is my only car wash. We also have a self-storage facility, which we bought in 2009.

We planned then to add the car wash to it. There had been one here in Ocean View for many years and then Wawa bought it, knocked it down and put in a Super Wawa with gas pumps.

The future: We’ll see how the summer goes, and our first winter, which is the busy time for car washes. Perhaps some day we’ll add detailing services.