OCEAN CITY — The song “Easter Parade” tells of the “Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it.”

Ladies wearing their bonnets on the Boardwalk here on Easter Sunday had to hold on to them — frills and all — to make sure they did not blow away.

That included 7-year-old Victoria Bowman, who struggled to keep her Ocean City Easter chicks hat, with its Barbie dolls, flowers and beach sand, on her head. When asked if she was having problems, Bowman just nodded her head slightly.

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“She’s keeping it balanced,” her mother, Kara, said.

But the Bowmans did not care: Being on the Boardwalk on Easter Sunday is a tradition for the family from Warrington, Pa.

The same could go for many other folks attending the city’s Easter Promenade, an event that has been held here for decades. Many people said Sunday they’ve attended the event for years, but there were a couple of first-timers.

Rose Provenzano, of Buena Vista Township, said she has known about the event for years but never participated. She said she finally thought the time was right to enter and did so with help of her 9-year-old granddaughter, Brooke Perez, also of Buena Vista Township.

“She’s here to support grandmom,” Provenzano said.

Perez just nodded.

“She’s bashful,” Provenzano said.

Not so bashful was Somers Point resident Samantha Delarso, who brought daughters Liliana Boscan, 7 months, and Cataleyan Boscan, 22 months, for their first Easter Promenade. Both girls were all dressed for the occasion, especially Liliana, who wore frilly dress and pink bunny ears and sat in a wagon decorated in flowers.

Decorating the wagon turned into a fun family project that ended with everyone on the Boardwalk to enjoy the day, Delarso said.

“And to show off my cute kids,” she said.

Those participating in Sunday’s event competed in several categories, including best dressed child, family and teen male and female. There also was the obligatory best Easter bonnet category.

Judges — including those holding the titles of Miss Ocean City, Junior Miss Ocean City, Little Miss Ocean City and Mister Mature America — walked through the crowd and sort of picked out the best in each category.

Miss Ocean City Carley DelSordo said the job was not that hard.

“We just asked people if they wanted to participate,” she said. “Yes or no. It’s pretty easy.”

The key, DelSordo said, was not to hurt anyone’s feelings by not picking them as a finalist.

Those who were selected all were hoping to win one of many coveted miniature trophies and chocolate Easter bunnies.

For Michael Hartman, of the Ocean City Theater Company, the job of picking a winner for categories was just too hard.

“It’s too close to call,” he said of the boys and girls who lined up on stage in front of the Music Pier. “Everyone is a winner.”

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