Amy Godfrey is an Ocean City resident and business owner. She has experienced first-hand the destruction and heartache Hurricane Sandy has caused her community.

"It's devastating," said Godfrey, owner of Exodus Integrated Wellness at 623 Bay Ave. "I didn't realize the magnitude of it until I came home and saw it for myself."

Fortunately, both of her properties were spared by the storm. But she realizes others were not as lucky.

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"We have clients coming in who are just devastated," Godfrey said. "Their homes are ruined, their businesses are ruined."

Their spirits, too, have been shattered, she said.

In an attempt to uplift the spirits of community, and the surrounding communities, and to provide solace and stress relief during this time of need, Exodus Integrated Wellness will offer complimentary group classes and wellness programs throughout November, including yoga and meditation sessions, body sculpting, potluck wellness lunches and support circles, and more.

Godfrey said she and her staff will continue to brainstorm ways to help. They are also open to any suggestions and will continue to add new programs and list them on the business' Facebook page throughout the month.

"It's going to take a lot of time to recover and rebuild, and these people need a place go and feel positive energy," she said. "They need the support to help them go back and handle reality and continue the clean up."

Exodus client and Ocean City resident Meg Axelson, whose dock was washed away, pool uprooted and home flooded during the storm, said this will help.

"I need some stress relief," Axelson said.

Godfrey said she is happy to lend the support.

"We'll all get through this together," she said.

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What: In an effort to uplift our neighbors and provide a place of peace, well being and community, Exodus would like to offer complimentary croup classes for the month of Novemeber to whomever would like to attend.

Where: 623 Bay Ave., Ocean City

Group class schedule for November: Monday, 9 a.m. Bootcamp; Tuesday, 9 a.m. Circuit; Wednesday, 6 p.m. Bodysculpt; Thursday, 9 a.m. Circuit; Friday, 9 a.m. Yoga/Meditation; Saturday, 8 a.m. Strength: Sunday: 9 a.m. Yoga.

Additional free events will be posted on Exodus Integrated Wellness' website,, and Facebook page. Call 609-399-0595.

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