The city of Ocean City dedicated a star plaque as a tribute to the late Elvis performer Ted Prior, an Ocean City favorite who died last year from cancer at age 68.

Prior performed as Elvis for 50 years, both singing and dressing the part. Ocean City was one of his most frequent stops, and the city's residents and visitors loved him, said Ocean City public relations director Mark Soifer.

The star plaque, which reads "Ted Prior, Ocean City's Forever Elvis," will be hung beside the dressing room door of the Ocean City Music Pier.

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About 20 people attended the plaque unveiling, including Ted's wife, Carol, his longtime performance manager Neil Regina and many of his friends and fans.

Before the plaque unveiling, several people from the audience stood up to say a few words and share stories about Prior, many of which showed off his funny and charming personality and his professionalism when it came to performing as Elvis.

Regina said Prior was a perfectionist when it came to his talents and he loved to perform. His talents were known far and wide, he said.

"Not only did Ted do such as wonderful job performing in Ocean City, but all over the world," Regina said. "When his passing was announced, I got calls from Elvis impersonators from Las Vegas and Washington, Seattle, all over the country. His talents stretched out everywhere."

Regina said working with Prior was an honor and a lot of fun, and he greatly missed his friend.

"Ted took me on a journey, and it was a wonderful ride," he said.

Soifer said the plaque is a way to assure the world that Ocean City only has one Elvis and it's Ted Prior.

"He is our forever Elvis," he said.

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