Ocean City resident Jenny G. Perry is the mother of four children, but that's just one of her many titles. Perry is also a dreamer, an adventure seeker, a beach lover and most recently, a self-published author of her first novel, "The Jennifers."

"When you're a mom, people assume you have to be that one thing. It's like you're this new person once you have kids and the person you were when you were younger is totally gone." Perry said. "I'm proving that you can be your individual self and still be a mom. It's not that I'm living a wild life. I just live my life."

Her book, "The Jennifers," which can be purchased at Sun Rose Words and Music in Ocean City and on Amazon, is a tangible testament that she is more than a mom.

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"I had my daughter at age 20, and I know that 'mommy rut' that so many women get into. You know, when you feel like your life is defined by your children," said Perry, whose oldest child, McKayla, is now 15 and sons, Aidan, Finnegan, and Seamus are 12, 6 and 3, respectively. "So I made a conscience decision to live a life for me, to chase my own dreams, because if you don't, who will you be when they get older?"

Perry began chasing her dream of writing a book about four years ago while she was pregnant with Seamus. "The Jennifers" was published in December 2012.

"There's a photo we have at home where you can see "The Jennifers" manuscript in the background," she said. "You see all the papers, and then there's my son on my lap."

"The Jennifers" is about six friends all named Jennifer, but who are referred to by self-chosen nicknames to accentuate their individuality. It follows the main Jennifer, aka "Pink," through her trials and tribulations, which she survives with the help of her friends, "and I know for a lot of people that's what gets us through things."

The purpose for writing her first book was about more than having a story in her head that she wanted to tell, it was about inspiring other women to pursue their passions. The main theme of the book is that we are all on a journey to find and define ourselves.

"It's fun, it's relatable and it's real," said Perry, who confirmed she is not one of the Jennifers in the novel. "It's very easy for people to say, 'Who do you think you are writing a book?' But I had to dream big for myself, and I want to use this platform as a way to inspire other women. I'm a dream cheerleader."

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Where to find it

Visit the author's website jennygperry.com or Sun Rose Words & Music, 756 Asbury Ave., Ocean City.

An author meet-and-greet and book signing will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 22.

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