The proposed Woodbine municipal budget will change virtually nothing for the average residential property owner.

The tax levy is dropping by half of 1 percent, and since the average home assessment remains at about $198,300, the average tax for local purposes stays practically flat at about $466.

The total size of the budget looks as if it is dropping by half, but that is almost entirely accounted for by nearly $1.5 million in grants that were included in last year’s budget but are not anticipated this year. That does not affect the amount of money raised by taxation.

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Woodbine’s average residential property assessment is often stated as closer to $122,400, but borough Tax Assessor John Miller said that figure is skewed downward because it includes about 540 campground properties.

Excluding those properties, he said, gives a more accurate view of the assessments for properties commonly thought of as houses.

The budget was introduced in March and the public hearing is scheduled on Thursday, April 18, at 8 p.m. in the municipal building located at 501 Washington Ave.

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Proposed Woodbine 2013 Municipal Budget  
  2012 2013 Change
Total budget $3,292,514 $1,778,524 ($1,513,990)
Tax levy $418,035 $415,658 ($2,377)
Tax rate $0.24 $0.24 ($0.00)
Avg. residential assessment $198,300 $198,300 $0
Avg. local purpose tax bill $468 $466 ($2)


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