Ocean City

1419 Pleasure Ave., Marie E Rodia Residence Trust, Samuel Rodia P to Patrick Berenato; 8/27/2012. $320,000

921 Wesley Ave., Howard Goldsman W, Jennifer Goldsman L to Steven Zardet L, Kim Zardet A; 8/27/2012. $132,000

Latest Video

24 E. 35th St., Constance Rutsch , Mark Tietjen Rost to Anthony Rogevich B, Melissa Rogevich; 8/28/2012. $185,000

Upper Township

292 Corson Tavern Road, Milissa Farley to Cynthia Christman, Stephen Christman W; 8/27/2012. $293,000

10 Laurel Ridge Road, Edward Sowney J, George V Sowney Trust, Sowney George V Trust to Daniel Campbell J, Susan Campbell I; 8/29/2012. $285,000

2000 Tuckahoe Road, James Reagan R, Michele Haberman to Harold Haberman A, Gail Haberman D; 8/29/2012. $177,500

253 Ibis Lane, John Werkheiser F, Wendy Werkheiser to Nolan Heske, Robyn Heske; 8/29/2012. $73,200

118 Bayberry Road Unit 118, Edward Blythe A to Richard Reich J, Barbara Reich A; 8/29/2012. $87,000

280 Marshallville Road, Karolyn Gallagher Albert, Jamey Gallagher T to Stephanie Puerta M; 8/29/2012. $193,000

258 Ibis Lane Unit 258, Charles Salemmo, Marguerite Salemmo to James Eubank C, Karen Eubank H; 8/29/2012. $86,900

15 Ash Terrace, Phebe Dickson T to Joseph De Franco , Gladys De Franco; 8/30/2012. $302,500

39 Corsons Tavern Road, Louis Romanini D, Keri Romanini L to James Trexler J, Jessica Trexler D; 8/30/2012. $215,000


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