Ocean City

831-835 Atlantic Ave., John Pacell, Patricia Pacell to Elizabeth Thomas; 6/24/2013. $250,000

70-72 W. Station Road, Joyce Johnson to George Koch, Mary Koch; 6/25/2013. $301,000

Latest Video

1320 Ocean Ave. no. 210, Christopher De Lawrence, Elizabeth De Lawrence to John Mulhern, Theresa Mulhern; 6/26/2013. $184,000

108 Roosevelt Blvd., Lana Nugent, William Nugent to Matthew Molnar, Jaime Lee Molnar; 6/27/2013. $240,000

458 West Ave., Myron Davis to Vincent Viney, Kimberly Viney; 6/28/2013. $170,000

633-47 Wayne Ave., 871 E. Seventh St., William Gaynor, Oonagh Gaynor to Raymond Frazier; 7/1/2013. $215,000

823 Ocean Ave. Unit E, Wayne Walkwitz to Andrew Seabrook, Kimberly Seabrook; 7/1/2013. $125,900

1621 Bay Ave., Sheraz Sheikh Ahmed, Shahzad Sheikh Ahmed to Robert Kilgore, Kimberly Kilgore; 7/1/2013. $260,000

845 Stenton Place Unit 7, Maryanne Momorella to Karen Anne Lachenmayer; 7/2/2013. $307,000

60-62 Asbury Ave. Rear Unit, Lauren Young Lapin, George Lapin to Barbara Murphy; 7/3/2013. $260,000

Upper Township

1731 Shore Road Unit 135, Craig Robinson to Donald Mullen, Helen Mullen; 6/24/2013. $270,000

1731 Route 9 S. No. 74, Margaret Gibson, Robert Gibson to Joseph Pietras, Nancy Pietras; 6/28/2013. $275,000

660 Stagecoach Road, Ronald Burgin, Mary Jean Burgin to John Francis Caccia, Jill Caccia; 7/3/2013. $282,000

1600 Woodbine Road, James De Feo, Gail De Feo to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; 7/5/2013. $66,786


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