Ocean City

713 Periwinkle Drive, Joseph Vela P, June Vela Marie to Thomas Mc Crossin K, Katherine Mc Crossin E; 5/28/2013. $349,000

500 Bay Condo, Unit 605, Dolores Sweeney to Helen Mitchell T; 5/28/2013. $280,000

Latest Video

137 & 137 1/2 Central Ave., Dennis Faust, Gail Faust to Michael Belzer D, Susan Belzer L; 5/29/2013. $225,000

1324 Asbury Ave., Condo unit A, Harry Holmes Joseph to Harry Holmes A; 5/29/2013. $74,500

745 West Ave., 744 Associates Llc to Mark Johnston D B; 5/29/2013. $252,500

705 Ocean Ave., Marie Ricketti to Alfonso Torino, Silvia Torino E; 5/30/2013. $320,000

Upper Township

3 Williams Way, Kenneth Williams E, Krista Williams to Paul McAllister R, Terri McAllister R; 5/29/2013. $252,000

211 Mackey Ave., Robert Young J, Dolores Young C, Kimberly Young A, John Young R to Donna Mason J; 5/29/2013. $110,000

516 Route 9, Unit C-2, Charles Dragicevich R, Lisa Dragicevich J to Joanne Grover M; 5/29/2013. $60,000

17 Laurel Ridge Road, Robert Henzy C, Cindy Henzy M to Nicholas Goodman, Cassandra Goodman; 5/31/2013. $350,000


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