Ocean City

205 Bartram Lane, George Harris to Joleco LLC; 12/2/2013. $194,000

109 Easterly Drive, William Tooley, Valerie Tooley to Francis Mangan; 12/2/2013. $287,500

Latest Video

3103 Bayland Drive, John Dolan, Pamela Dolan to Daniel Dalsey; 12/2/2013. $250,000

104 Roosevelt Blvd., William Baltrusaitis to Howard Ogden; 12/3/2013. $272,000

4932-34 Central Ave. Unit A, Mary Lynne Tharan, Barbara Nachtrieb, James Nachtrieb to Mary Lynne Tharan; 12/5/2013. $225,000

4829 West Ave., Robin Young to Louann Rodgers, Daniel Rodgers; 12/5/2013. $233,000

210-212 West Ave. Unit A, Peter Adams to Robert Cardwell; 12/5/2013. $125,000

120 Reef Drive, Dorothy Davis to Vincent Hink, Ann Hink; 12/5/2013. $325,000

1243 West Ave., Carmine Lambing, Maria Bates, Charles Lambing, Florence Kim Knight, Charles Engle to Joseph Maloney; 12/6/2013. $110,000

Upper Township

Hope Corson Road Vacant Land, Charlene Riveral, Marie Shaffer, Charles Shaffer to Lawrence Fenimore; 12/2/2013. $130,000

36 Hope Corson Road, Donald Steele, Karen Steele to Michelle Taylor; 12/2/2013. $245,000

71 Cedar Ave., John Tatham to Kenneth Millevoi, Nancy Millevoi; 12/2/2013. $199,900

1 Mooring Circle, Jennifer Shrader to Christopher Collins, Kristine Collins; 12/2/2013. $305,000

516 Route 9 Unit N-10, Brian Hastings, Victoria Hastings to William Ehmann, Myrle Ehmann; 12/3/2013. $65,000

38 Church Road, David Brewer Mark, Deborah Ciambella to Anthony Montemurro, Tricia Montemurro; 12/3/2013. $282,500

188 N. Lake Drive, 188 N. Lake Drive LLC to Veronica Cooke, Adam Cooke; 12/5/2013. $85,000


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