Ocean City

636 Simpson Ave., Jeanette Selvy, Beatrice Bradford to Lc Ocean City Development Group L; 12/10/2012. $205,000

3409 Haven Ave. No. 5, Michelle Kennedy Geiger, Sabine Geiger, Karl Geiger H to Charlotte Wool R; 12/11/2012. $114,133

2936 Asbury Ave., Daniel Field J, Janel Field B to Frank Peralta, Nancy Peralta; 12/12/2012. $200,000

Upper Township

1 Greendale Road, Nancy Dowling to Timothy McLaughlin J, Kathleen McLaughlin M; 12/11/2012. $106,700

1506 Stagecoach Road, Frederick Parratto N to Christopher Parratto W; 12/14/2012. $230,000