Ocean City

2436 Central Ave. 1st Fl, Paul Andrews L to Jeffery Andrews T, Loraine Andrews; 12/24/2012. $145,000

115 S. Inlet Drive, William Hirst C, Anna Hirst Jean to Brody Wright D, Kendra Wright L; 12/24/2012. $250,000

Latest Video

9 Bass Court, Gerald White A, Mary White K to Sidence Trust Margaret P Madonna Personal Re, Peter Madonna, Michael Madonna P, Steven Madonna J, Sidence Trust Madonna Margaret P Personal Re; 12/24/2012. $320,000

67 Oaklyn Ave., Judith Giangiulio to Elmer Leary R, Mindy Leary C; 12/26/2012. $332,000

7 Bass Court, Jayne Dickinson B, W Dickinson Haines to Joseph Falconi E, Kathleen Haggerty M; 12/26/2012. $306,250

715 Furst St. 1st Fl, Courtney Stokes A, Timothy Stokes Ryan to William Bunt L, Barbara Bunt J; 12/26/2012. $319,000

1120 Wesley Ave. Unit 304, E Valley Inc Shore Management Co Of Delaware to John Walinski D; 12/27/2012. $74,250

605 Atlantic Ave. Unit A, Samuel Lairson E, Dolores Lairson to Samuel Lairson E, Louis Lairson J, Christopher Lairson M; 12/28/2012. $420,000

719 E. 11th St Unit 802, Continental Leasing Co to Kuhar Realty Llc; 12/28/2012. $325,000

1504-06 West Ave. Unit A, Leo Santangelo M, Kathlylee Santangelo, Donna Kohut Marie, Charlene Semmelmayer Santangelo to Donna Kohut Marie; 12/28/2012. $345,000

Upper Township

40 Evergreen Drive, Edward Collins J to Brian Town E; 12/24/2012. $215,000

401 Elmwood Ave., Albert DiPrizito L, Kathleen Leonard J to Edward Morgan M, Marcia Morgan W; 12/24/2012. $325,000

1534 Stagecoach Road, Guy Streeter Verne, Barbara Streeter C to George Karayiannis; 12/24/2012. $182,500

13 Williams Way, Charles Brennan L, Terri Brennan S to David Shull, Shauna Shull; 12/24/2012. $230,000

529 & 537 Route 49, Donna Weber M, Diane Ewan P, Debra Huber L, Dorothy Best A to Noel McCreesh ; 12/26/2012. $100,000

4 Williams Way, John Ang H, Esther Ang Linda to Joseph Torroni G, Karen Torroni E; 12/26/2012. $300,000

26 Dolores Ave., Eileen Cubberley H, Jennifer Cubberley Abby to David Rihl, Amy Rihl; 12/26/2012. $225,000

12 Hope Corson Road, Barry Danziger S to Christopher Hemberger, Jordan Hemberger; 12/26/2012. $255,000

516 Route 9 Unit A-16, Deborah Clausen, Donna Freeman to Joanne Caputo; 12/28/2012. $65,000

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