Ocean City

231 Wesley Ave., Billie Bloyd M, Virginia Kesselring Bloyd, Patricia Burkle, Martha Haigwood, Jane Bloyd to Timothy Hammer J, Leslie Hammer M; 10/9/2012. $350,000

1309 Pleasure Ave., Nathan Torok A, Kaitlin Torok, Kaitlin Rowley to Jaime Burgos, Kimberlee Burgos; 10/9/2012. $345,000

Latest Video

2 W. 10th St., Albert Pacella J to Anthony Guerriero D, Deborah Guerriero A; 10/10/2012. $275,000

422-24 Simpson Ave. Unit 424, Cynthia Campione R to Gust Bages C, Jani Ferretti-Bages Ann; 10/10/2012. $233,902

1001D Atlantic Ave., Michael Brill Van Schenk, Suzanne Brill Van Schenk to Steven Churchill P; 10/10/2012. $275,000

818 Second St., John Campagna, Rocco Campagna J, Mary Campagna A, Rita Campitelli, Jeffrey Brown to Janet Brown; 10/12/2012. $120,000

Upper Township

434 Iroquois Trail, James Straubmuller, Jennifer Straubmuller to Dennis Smith P, Jenna Smith L; 10/9/2012. $184,000

29 Somers Ave., James Burke J, Sally Burke L to Meghan Guyon, Greg Guyon; 10/9/2012. $339,000

1731 Rt 9 South No. 47, Anna Jones L to Doris Mulford V; 10/9/2012. $339,000

9 Lindsay Lane, Gary Harter T, Linda Harter B to Philip Schaffer, Kristen Schaffer Toscano; 10/12/2012. $350,000


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