Ocean City

349 West Ave., Patricia Merman Ann, John Merman J., Patricia Merman A. to Phillip Wilson; 10/25/2012. $205,000

840 Ocean Ave. Unit 44, Paula Pezzano to Robert Weising, Francine Weising; 10/26/2012. $115,000

Latest Video

322 Boardwalk Unit 602, Victoria Drummer M. to Ellen Shaw M.; 10/26/2012. $218,500

14 Atlantic Ave. Unit K, Crispin Fiore, Valerie Fiore to Victor Daniel E.; 10/26/2012. $310,000

111 Fowlers Court, Jill McCleary to Daniel Farrell, Patrice Farrell; 10/29/2012. $260,000

121 Wahoo Drive, Barry Smoger R., Angela Smoger to William Palmer, Susan Klotz; 10/29/2012. $328,000

600 Pleasure Ave. Unit 1, James Reiley, Marjorie Reiley to Daniel Hernandez E., Michele Hernandez; 10/30/2012. $308,500

Upper Township

208 Regal Drive, Elizabeth Ward, Rust Doris E. Turnbull Irrevocable T., Rust Turnbull Doris E. Irrevocable T., Doris Turnbull E., Doris Turnbull C. to Donna Lichtenstein D.; 10/26/2012. $215,000

79 Route 50, Clarence Devaul, Michael Bohrer J. to Joleco LLC.; 10/26/2012. $60,000

62 South Lake Drive, Bruce Prager W. to Edward Baker, Raquell Baker A.; 10/29/2012. $120,000

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