Ocean City

323 Haven Ave. Unit 323, Patricia Murray, Deborah Carr to Peter Campanile C, Eileen Campanile; 11/27/2012. $218,000

2736 Bay Ave. Unit 2736, Martin Jackson J, Mary Jackson A to Pashalis Arsenlis, Ekaterini Arsenlis; 11/27/2012. $200,000

737 Wesley Ave. Unit A, 737 Wesley Properties Llc to Phillips Group Llc ; 11/28/2012. $168,000

840 Ocean Ave. Unit 35, Alfonso Baldi L, Michelle Baldi J to Kenneth Hassinger L, Teresa Hassinger A; 11/28/2012. $80,000

1153 West Ave. Unit B, Robert Napolitano, Jane Napolitano, Craig Napolitano, Todd Napolitano to Stephen Sorantino R, Debra Sorantino J; 11/28/2012. $315,000

3253 Asbury Ave., Duncan Real Estate Investments, Douglas Grisbaum C, Epiphany Grisbaum to Michael Mancini, Marie Mancini; 11/28/2012. $200,000

17 W. 55th St., Alfred Stashis J, Ust Suzanne J Stashis Revocable Tr, Suzanne Stashis J to Dominic Vecchio, Christine Vecchio; 11/29/2012. $320,000

900 Ocean Ave. Unit 202, Michael Healy P, Jane Healy E to Albert Bacher C, Gretchen Bacher A; 11/30/2012. $175,000

9 E. 18th St., Melanie Ruane to Mark Preiss H; 11/30/2012. $160,000

Upper Township

407 Holly Drive, Enrico Cannizzaro, Rosemary Cannizzaro to Joshua Benson N, Stephanie Benson L; 11/27/2012. $255,000

1 Spruce Court, John Germanio James to Daniel Pettit J, Lisa Pettit A; 11/28/2012. $135,000