Ocean City

605 Bay Ave., Stephen Harkins B, William Harkins J, Catherine Harkins C to Robert Torrissi, Debra Torrissi; 9/24/2012. $240,000

500 Bay Ave. Unit 208, Robert Kettell W, Loretta Kettell C to Heather Kettell L; 9/25/2012. $250,000

Latest Video

212 43rd St. Unit 7-B-1, Brent Sanders L, Colleen Sanders M to James McCabe P, Maryann McCabe E; 9/25/2012. $269,000.00

935 Ocean Ave., Bertha Fischer Ross to Gary Truitt R, Deborah Truitt; 9/27/2012. $210,000

844 Plymouth Place, Paul Hummel R, Mary Hummel to David Exler S, Sandra Exler; 9/28/2012. $157,000

834 A First St., Denise McMullen, Timothy O’Hare, Dierdre Downham to Denise McMullen, Dierdre Downham; 9/28/2012. $199,500

507 A B C Ninth St., Brandon Longstaff, Sheri Longstaff to Varien Nowers M, Marisol Correia M; 9/28/2012. $90,000

3313-15 Bay Ave. Unit 26, James Eder E, Karen Eder to James Craig E, Caroline Craig Dawn; 9/28/2012. $110,000

Upper Township

9 Highland Ave., Freddie Mac, Eric Kapnick S to Michael Carter J, Georgette Carter M; 9/24/2012. $212,900

1731 Route 9 Unit 7, Margaret Hagerty E, Carol Foglio J to Rita Turner; 9/26/2012. $286,000

9 Huntington Lane, Maria Caiafa, Diana Caiafa-English to Robert Hiddemen, Amanda Hiddemen; 9/27/2012. $325,000

181 Stagecoach Road, Diane Rossi, Gerald Selfridge F to Nancy Calabrese J; 9/28/2012. $320,000


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