Ocean City

870 Seventh St. Unit 410, Beaver Properties LLC. to Paula Pezzano; 10/19/2012. $165,900

608 N. 500 Bay Ave., Ut Co LLC. National Maintenance & Build O to Samuel Abloeser, Marcy Abloeser; 10/22/2012. $274,000

Latest Video

1120 Wesley Ave. Unit 103, Robert Whiteman J., Joan Whiteman E. to James Corbisiero, Margaret Corbisiero; 10/22/2012. $80,000

637-39 Bay Ave. Unit 639, Donald Peterson A., Donna Peterson M. to Blake Todd H., Mary Todd Louise; 10/24/2012. $340,000

1120 Wesley Ave. Unit 303, E. Valley Inc. Shore Management Co. of Delaware to Joseph Fondacaro; 10/24/2012. $85,000

Upper Township

38 Killdeer Hill Road, Michael Burns J., Patricia Burns E., Patricia McSorley to Inna Shames; 10/19/2012. $260,000

516 Route 9 Unit N35, Robert Church H. to Arthur Tharp E.; 10/22/2012. $55,000

25 Oak St., Joseph Giglio S., Michelle Giglio A. to Eileen Lilly; 10/24/2012. $156,000

14 Red Clover Drive, Douglas Roberts M., Marjorie Roberts D. to David Robinson, Jennifer Robinson; 10/24/2012. $280,000


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