Ocean City

304 Haven Ave., Robert Lawn J, Patricia Lawn A, Patricia Lawn to 3 Young Sons Llc; 11/3/2012. $265,000

633-47 Wayne Rd Unit 30, James Vacca S, Mary Vacca V to Ireth Llc; 11/8/2012. $192,500

Latest Video

834 A First St., Denise McMullen, Dierdre Downham to Dierdre Downham, Denise McMullen, Lynn O’Hare; 11/8/2012. $133,000

831-35 Atlantic Ave. Unit 210, Nancy Ryan to Joseph Ciarciello D, Bernadette Ciarciello C; 11/9/2012. $147,000

1027 Ocean Ave., Frank Varallo to Anthony Santulli J, Stephanie Santulli H; 11/9/2012. $230,000

Upper Township

3 E. Timber Drive, Barry Root L to Jason Fenton Andrew, Jessie Rudy Lyn; 11/7/2012. $200,000

7 W. Katherine Ave., Jane Lawlor, Bernard Lawlor A to Evelyn North; 11/8/2012. $200,000

9 Redwish Ave., Claudia DiMartine, Carol Canale-Mayet, John Young G, Claudia Young to Delphine Carpenter M; 11/8/2012. $250,000

31 Foxborough Road, John Latwinas M to Joseph Berg A; 11/8/2012. $225,000

4 Mooring Circle, Gerald Stahlecker F, Barbara Stahlecker A to Edwin Yust W, Carol Yust A; 11/9/2012. $285,000


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