Ocean City

4920-22 West Ave. Unit B. Second Floor, Richard Stingle, Judith Stingle to Michael Winters, Patricia Winters; 7/29/2013. $300,000

825 Plymouth Place Unit 20, Linda Lilienthal Aucott, William Aucott to Lulzim Gjekmarkaj, Vera Gjekmarkaj; 7/30/2013. $152,000

Latest Video

49 Walton Place, Jeffrey Klein, Kimberly Klein, Todd Sherman, Janice Sherman to Todd Sherman, Janice Sherman; 7/30/2013. $325,000

840 Ocean Ave. Unit 13, Third Federal Bank to Paul Harrsch; 7/30/2013. $57,500

115 Folger Court, Patricia Mallas, Patricia Hoover to Joseph Schwab; 8/2/2013. $270,000

3408-30 Haven Ave. No. 218, Christine MacCarone to Bernard Fiddler, Anna Fiddler, Henry Sammartino, Michelle Sammartino; 8/2/2013. $70,500

Upper Township

424 Route 9 N., Dawn Titus to Jocelyn Waters, Charlotte Waters; 7/29/2013. $155,000

1731 Route 9 Unit 1, Alfred Squassoni, Joan Williams, Linda Stec, Laura Squassoni to Henry Page, Adele Page; 7/30/2013. $265,000

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