Ocean City

1951 West Ave, Dorothy Olson J to Nancy Phillips E, Wayne Phillips E; 10/2/2012. $255,000

55 W 16th St, Joyce China, Bart McIlvaine, Sherri McIlvaine S to Vincent Malfitano C, Mary Malfitano Jennifer; 10/2/2012. $325,000

Latest Video

5152-5154 West Ave 1st Fl, Frederick Owens W, Walter George Batezel Revocable Trust to Bruce Kline, Joy Kline; 10/2/2012. $300,000

500 Bay Ave No. 307 South, Connie Ciabatoni to Joseph Konrad D, Mary Konrad Ellen R; 10/2/2012. $280,000

921 Wesley Ave Unit B-21, Robert Hannum P, Florence Hannum M to Francis Schwartz R, Francis Schwartz R; 10/2/2012. $128,500

816-20 Boardwalk Unit C-1, Frank Investments Inc to OC Bwalk Holdings Llc; 10/5/2012. $280,000

21-23 W 14th St Unit A, Christine Atwell E to Robert Pfeiffer J, Harla Pfeiffer J; 10/5/2012. $325,000

408 Wesley Ave Unit 105, Alyce M Marchand Family Trust, Susan Cerrito M to Christine Atwell E; 10/5/2012. $280,000

Upper Township

14 Vernon Rd, Thomas Jackson R, Linda Jackson, Thomas Subranni J, Joseph Jackson, Thomas Jackson, Linda Jackson A to Brian Broadley; 10/2/2012. $110,000



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