Ocean City

4331 West Ave. Second Floor, Sylvan Leeson, Theresa Leeson to Francis McKnight, Maureen McKnight; 7/8/2013. $320,000

200 Bay Ave. Unit 302, Lucille Makris to Thomas Bowie, Ann Marie Bowie; 7/8/2013. $210,000

Latest Video

215 18th St., Donald Mullen, Helen Mullen to Kurt Feinstein, Kathleen Feinstein; 7/9/2013. $305,000

719 11th St. Unit 418, Jacqueline Henry Bull, Geraldine Henry to Charles Cornell, Carol Cornell; 7/10/2013. $215,000

950 Bay Ave., Sheldon Fish, Mary Goodnow-Fish to Daron Jones, Ruth Jones; 7/10/2013. $185,000

853-71 Plymouth Place Unit 32, Mary Pezzillo Urban, John Urban to Lawrence Gustafson; 7/10/2013. $200,000

935 Ocean Ave. Unit 501, Robert Doliszny, Kristina Doliszny to Denise Tabasco, Joseph Tabasco, Rosemarie Tabasco; 7/12/2013. $315,000

Upper Township

39 Hope Corson Road, Gary Schaffer, Michele Pendergast, Thomas Pendergast, Midland Funding LLC to Eileen Lilly, Thomas Lilly; 7/9/2013. $160,000

13 Diane Ave., Elizabeth Wiest Devlin to William Martin; 7/10/2013. $210,000

67 Hope Corson Road, Mark Cassidy, Holly Cassidy to Patricia Colistra, Joseph Colistra; 7/10/2013. $228,000


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