Ocean City

815 Parkridge Road, George Booskos, Donna Booskos Marie to Timber Development LLC; 3/25/2013. $240,000

5421-23 Asbury Ave. Unit 5421, Robert Young F, Pauline Young E. to Andrew Young R, Karen Young M.; 3/26/2013. $225,000

1760 Simpson Ave., Sam Yespy H, Gail Yespy M. to Connie Boens L.; 3/26/2013. $227,500

921 Park Place Unit 910, James Harnett J, Paulette Harnett to Timothy Villane; 3/26/2013. $195,750

125 Folger Court, Roy Bartels L, Carole Bartels M. to William Newnam B.; 3/26/2013. $276,000

1024 Central Ave., Robert Stump, Res Consulting LLC, Virginia Parker M, Edwin Parker S. to Giancarlo Granese, Nancy Granese; 3/27/2013. $225,000

Upper Township

16 Redwish Ave., John Helverson, Maureen Helverson to Kyle Johnson Thomas; 3/9/2013. $325,000

11 Katharine Ave., G. Walker Joyce, Gladys Walker Joyce, Edward Walker R. to Edward Nice R.; 3/28/2013. $205,000