Ocean City

1120 Wesley Ave. Unit No. 206, Ronman LLC to George Yacoubian, Erica Yacoubian; 12/9/2013. $108,500

200 Simpson Ave. B, Leon Costello, Jennifer Somers to Todd Mitchell, Kathryn Mitchell; 12/9/2013. $325,000

870 Seventh St. Unit No. 103, Dimitrios Sitaras to Susan Broden; 12/9/2013. $78,500

3530 Simpson Ave., Frank Kitchmire, Adele Usciak to Janice Antal; 12/9/2013. $155,000

1237 West Ave., Robert Dinkelacker, Gerald Dinkelacker, Ethel June Dinkelacker to Surf Buggy Cycle Center LLC; 12/9/2013. $299,000

408 Wesley Ave. Unit 106, Anna Koch McDevitt, John McDevitt, Patricia Poynton, Kathryn Watkinson to Louise Riney; 12/9/2013. $300,000

3 Somerset Lane, Thomas Love, Joan Love to Harcole LLC; 12/10/2013. $210,000

3714 Pembroke Lane, Charles Gemmi, Kathleen Gemmi to Lawrence Daurelle, Cynthia Daurelle; 12/11/2013. $250,000

2808-10 West Ave. 1st Fl, Walter Rhoades, Tracey Rhoades to Paul Terra, Marianne Terra; 12/12/2013. $345,000

328 W. 17th St., Mary Ann Gimbel to Timothy Greene, Becky Greene; 12/12/2013. $330,000

Upper Township

27 Point Pleasant Ave., George Hadorn Davidson, Diane Killiam, Helen Hadorn to Brian Andrew Foley, Bethany Ann Foley; 12/9/2013. $256,000

7 Lake Corson Lane, William Stowman, Frieda Stowman to Karl Meckert, Suzanne Meckert; 12/9/2013. $300,000

1030 Route 9 S., Earl Butler, Ella Butler to James Tarves, Jacqeulynne Tarves; 12/11/2013. $135,000

53 Route 50, Barbara North to Wright Rentals LLC; 12/11/2013. $130,000

5 Clayton Drive, Barbara Schumann, Jenna Zaborowski-Letizia to Matthew Crowley, Kara Crowley; 12/12/2013. $281,000

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